Friday, July 23, 2010

Determining Determinations

"The difference between the possible and impossible lies in a person's determination." Tommy Lacorda

It implies that a certain success connotes a different ways of achievements. Pain and hardships has its own way of saying that it is enough but through determination, a single struggle and difficulties could be overcome. Even if we know it's kinda hopeless, we still try because of the fact that we always want the things we know we thought we could never have. But through determination..everything could change. As what I've always believed in, the way you see things in life depends on how you look at them. Impossibilities simply states certain things which limits your capability of doing something. But life doesn't stop there. You can always meet the challenge every single day and the possibility of measuring a persons limitation will be based on how determined a person could be. As I always picture it out, there maybe harm in risking but there could also be regrets in doing nothing. Success is the failure turned upside down, so rather stick to the fight when your hardest hit. It's when things seemed worst that you must not quit. That's determination. It gives us patience to do simple things perfectly and acquire to do difficult things easily. A sense of purpose is the best driving force for you to live. Because when you have reasons to fight, you will never have reasons to quit.

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